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some requested

Agenda Items

(Member/Board) Meet WVN #2 - Fri., 10/13

held at ? in Eugene


0. Approve meeting #1 (060928) minutes.

1. Status reports (dk, jg, ps).


-1. Listing by Natl.

-2. Flyer text.

-3. Web status.

+ plus any other relevent Admin or Ops discussion.


2. Action; Legislative (jv)


-1. HR2087 - States Rights to Medical Marijuana

-2. HR? - Truth in Trials Act

+ plus any other legislation (Fed, St, Cnty, City)



99. (Last item.) Next Meet(s).



Details and Discussion Notes.



0. Approve meeting #1 (060928) minutes. See:






1. Status report.


Contact info has been established and is being maintained (checked) by (dk). Thanx DanK!


Willamette Valley NORML

P.O. Box 10957

Eugene, OR 97440-2957




1-1. Mail copy of confirmation of non-profit status and bylaws to national so they can list us. (jg)



1-2. Flyers; to announce and promote.


It was suggested to get Flyer up and posted announcing the groups existence ASAP. See example at:




Also time to get all the logo ideas in and voted on. See:






1-3. Web site;


Webster designated to lead team in set up and maintenance of web site and related functions and features. (ps)



domain name selected:





We will Order web space placed thru DPC/MAPinc.


We may need to use a credit card number and get the domain name thru GoDaddy or similar service. Again, if anyone has strong feelings about what service we use here, speak up or forever hold yer piece.


Also, If there are any design elements that anyone in the group feels strongly about, now is the time.



Will include request for Bulletin Board/Forums as well as placed order for eMail-list, primarily a private list for Board/Members to be followed by a public e-list for Members and Associates.




99 (Last Item) - Next Meet(s).


back to (jv) in Newberg, Thu., Oct. 26th, 7pm-ish.


We'll get a Calendar section on the website shortly.





Legend -


- Board -

(jg) - Jim G.

(dk) - Dan K.

(jv) Jenny V.

(tn) - Terry N.

(ps) - Perry S.

(jh) - "Cloud"

(as) Alfie

(mm) - Mike M.


- Advisors -

(lb) - Lee Berger

(aj) - Anthony J.

(ae) - Allan E.

- other Members, Associates and Interested Parties -



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