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  NORML in Oregon  

North Coast Oregon NORML North Coast Oregon NORML * Astoria, OR * jimcat49@yahoo.com

Oregon NORML Oregon NORML * PO Box 16057, Portland, OR 97292 * Phone: (503) 239-6110 * E-mail: info@ornorml.org * Web Site: http://www.ornorml.org

OR NORML - Eastside OR NORML - Eastside * PO Box 451, Long Creek, OR 97856 * Phone: (541) 620-0768 * Contact: Wendy Verstoppen, Email: medicinewoman69@yahoo.com

Pendleton Oregon NORML Pendleton Oregon NORML * Pendleton, OR * Voice 541-429-4415 * pendletonnorml@yahoo.com

Salem Oregon NORML Salem Oregon NORML * Salem, OR * Voice 503-851-7632 * salemnorml@hotmail.com

Southern Oregon NORML Southern Oregon NORML * 332 W. 6th Ave., (PO Box 4444) Medford, OR 97501 * Phone: 541-779-1448 * sonorml@gmail.com * Web Site: http://www.so-norml.org

NORML in Oregon Visit - http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3433#Oregon - for the latest.

  Medical Marijuana orgz  

OHD/OMMP: Oregon (Dept. of Human Resources) Health Division (DHS) / Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) OHD/OMMP: Oregon (Dept. of Human Resources) Health Division (DHS) / Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) - which is located at 800 NE Oregon Street, #21, Portland, OR 97232-2162 - can be reached by e-mail-ing from their WEBSITE: oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp, by Phone: 971-673-1234, by Fax: 971-673-1278, by Mail: DHS/OMMP * PO Box 14450 * Portland, OR 97293-0450 or by visiting their office. Their Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

OMMP Forms: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp/forms.shtml

OMMP Instructions: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp/guideln.shtml

For further Help In Implementing The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act In Oregon contact these orgz. Please Be Aware: Most organizations charge fees for their assistance.

The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCf) The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCf) - Doctor clinics and other patient resources. Contact info: 105 SE 18th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97214 * Phone (503) 281-5100 * Fax (503) 235-0120 * or visit: http://www.thc-foundation.org

Mothers Against Misuse And Abuse (MAMA) Mothers Against Misuse And Abuse (MAMA), Doctor clinics and other patient resources, 5217 SE 28th St. (Steele & 28th), Portland, Oregon * Phone: (503) 233-4202 * http://mamas.org * mama@mamas.org

Voter Power Voter Power, Doctor clinics and other patient resources, 3236 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR, 97206 * E-mail: office@voterpower.org * Telephone: (503) 224-3051 Fax: (503) 235-5365 * http://www.voterpower.org

MariMed NW MariMed NW An Alternative Program Exclusively for Patients in Hospice Care (971) 340-3837 http://marimednw.com/ * marimednw@marimednw.com

The Compassion Center The Compassion Center, 2055 W. 12th, Eugene, OR, 541-484-6558, has been providing services for OMMA patients, caregivers, & growers as well as the general public since 2001. They provide access to compassionate doctors for patients,and have a schedule of classes, & support services. Hours are Tuesday & Thursday, 10 - 5 for drop-in services, Doctor visits are by appointment.

Mercy Center Mercy Center - Advocates & Activists for the OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) Contact info - call for meeting times and places: Salem, Oregon, USA, call – (503) 363-4588 * visit: http://www.mercycenters.org

Oregon Green Free (OGF) Oregon Green Free (OGF) - Patient & Caregiver Resource Center Contact info: 2375 SE 174th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97233 * Phone: (503) 760-2671 * Fax: (503) 715-0120 * email: ogf@oregongreenfree.com * or visit: http://www.oregongreenfree.com * Especially, check out: http://www.oregongreenfree.com/forums * Eugene chapter: ogfeugene@oregongreenfree.com

Also, check out: http://oregonmedicalmarijuanaplus.com/forums

Oregon Medical Cannabis University (OMCU) The Oregon Medical Cannabis University (OMCU) was founded to provide OMMP participants with the best education possible, covering all aspects of growing medical cannabis and cannabis preparations. Their facility is staffed by some of the most recognized names in the local, national, and international medical cannabis scene. Their multiple award and cup-winning facilitators are dedicated to ensuring that students and alumni of the Oregon Medical Cannabis University have the knowledge and tools to succeed. Call them at 503-984-8210 to get information on upcoming classes, events, and their newly furnished patient resource center, or visit - www.omcu.net

Portlandsterdam University (PDXU) Portlandsterdam University (PDXU) | Their Mission: To get you growing. To assist the Medical Marijuana Industry in creating healthy, sound practices in Organic production and handling of MMJ Industry products. From just learning to grow in your closet, to creating a production grow for dispensaries, or opening your own dispensary you can find it here. All their classes are easy to afford, easy to understand, and easy to get to. Only take the course that you need or save money and buy the whole semester. They have a great lineup of experts, from activists to scientists. Open to the Public. No OMMP Cards Required - Phone: 503-788-2349 - or - visit: www.PortlandsterdamUniversity.com

  other Activist Orgz  

Constitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition (CPOP) Constitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition (CPOP) - Working for an End to the Failed War on Drugs. | This web site (and email forum--Signup Now!) advocates ending the prohibition of marijuana and other popular drugs and provides support for drug policy reform activists. You'll find relevant information, legalization posters, graphics, articles, activist tips and tools, lively discussion, legalization arguments (pro and con), stimulating debates, experts to answer your questions and much, much more. visit - http://www.cpop.org/

Oregon Progressives Network (OPN) Oregon Progressives Network (OPN) | This network website hub was organized by the Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP), a network of networks that encourages the communication and cooperation of member groups to facilitate each other's projects. PJEP now serves close to 1000 justice, peace and environmental organizations in 21 networks and 2 coalitions covering 28 states throughout the U.S.

Use of this site encourages the exchange of ideas, expertise and resources between participating organizations through the use of an online and technical infrastructure, whereby local groups can work closely with each other by recruiting others to endorse, co-sponsor and/or participate in their projects. By networking we facilitate resource sharing and increased communication, which in turn encourages seamless action execution among cooperating groups. visit - http://oregonprogressivenetwork.org/

Thank you for visiting anyway and Spread the Word!

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  posted Comments  
Wednesday, March 20 at 07:49 AM:
i from i wrote:
"plus - https://www.facebook.com/lawy erscommittee"

Wednesday, March 20 at 07:47 AM:
i from i wrote:
"Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, visit - https://salsa.wiredforchange. com/o/5957/p/salsa/donation/c ommon/public/? donate_page_KEY=8325"

Tuesday, March 19 at 10:10 AM:
i from i wrote:
"Squadron13 Eugene, Oregon - http://www.radicalvets.org/"

Monday, March 18 at 07:06 PM:
i from i wrote:
"PeaceVillage Inc. Org. Profile: http://OregonProgressiveNetwo rk.org/organizations/PeaceVil lage-Inc Org. URL: peacevillageinc.org/ Org. Description: Peace Village was created in 1996 to address the culture of violence that surrounds our young people. Using engaging methods, skilled educators and community leaders, and the uniting spirit of nurturing our young people, we began to create a vision of peaceful world in which our children have the tools for peaceful empowerment."

Monday, March 18 at 07:05 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Ashland Peace House Org. Profile: http://OregonProgressiveNetwo rk.org/organizations/Ashland- Peace-House Org. URL: www.PeaceHouse.net Org. Description: Peace House was formed in 1982 from the energy generated by a successful ballot campaign to declare Ashland a Nuclear Free Zone. "

Monday, March 18 at 07:04 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Name: Fields of Peace Org. Profile: http://OregonProgressiveNetwo rk.org/organizations/Fields- of-Peace Org. URL: www.fieldsofpeacepv.org/ Org. Description: Fields of Peace is a national network of faith communities committed to emphasizing the message of peace and nonviolence. "

Monday, March 18 at 07:03 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Al-Nakba Awareness Project More Info: http://www.al- nakba-history.com Description: Palestine & the BDS Movement "

Monday, March 18 at 07:02 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Oregon Women's Action for New Directions (WAND), visit http://www.oregonwand.org/"

Monday, March 18 at 07:00 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Health Care for All Oregon, http://hcao.org/"

Monday, March 18 at 06:59 PM:
i from i wrote:
"Alliance for Democracy - Portland, More Info: http://www.afd- pdx.org/"

Monday, March 18 at 10:04 AM:
i from i wrote:
"Lecture: Journalism's Role in Environmental Issues - Salem - Feb. 28 Action URL: http://oregonprogressivenetwo rk.org/actions/Lecture- Journalisms-Role-in- Environmental-Issues-Salem- Feb-28 Action Mini URL: http://pjep.org/zym Date: 2013-02-28 Event Time: 7:00 pm Organization: Oregon PeaceWorks Description: Journalism's Role in Environmental Issues - Salem - Feb. 28 7 - 8 pm, City of Salem Public Library's Loucks Auditorium, 585 Liberty St. Environmental journalism is changing shape with the evolution of the Internet as a news source. With social media sites, real-time reporting tools, and infinite space to house their work, journalists are leading new discussions and debates about environmental issues. They're inviting people with clashing viewpoints to elaborate on their opinions. They're digging deeper into environmental topics for niche audiences, and pressuring lawmakers to improve environmental policies. Join OPB's Ecotrope blogger Cassandra Profita for a survey of cutting-edge environmental journalism."

Tuesday, May 31 at 09:13 PM:
jimmy from north bend oregon wrote:
"just want to know if hb 3664 passed?? "

Friday, October 8 at 05:54 AM:
me, here wrote:
"NORML in OR: Oregon NORML – Madeline Martinez PO Box 16057 Portland, OR 97292 Voice (503) 239-6110

Southern Oregon NORML – Lori Duckworth 332 W. 6th St. Medford, OR 97501 Voice (541) 779-1448 Fax (541) 779-1665

Willamette Valley NORML – Dan Koozer and Perry Stripling PO Box 10957 Eugene, OR 97440 Voice (541) 517-0957

Central Oregon NORML – Heather Richmond 2660 N.E. HWY 20 Suite: 610- 35 Bend, OR 97701 Voice (541) 508-2750 Fax (541) 508-2751 "

Tuesday, August 24 at 10:23 PM:
Marimed NW from Oregongreenfree wrote:
" Marimed uses the oregongreenfree phone and email. We no longer use the email or phone number you posted "

Tuesday, March 30 at 06:34 PM:
Ross from Oregon wrote:
" The OMMP law seems a bit vague in certain areas, one of those areas I would like to be clear on is about grow sites. Has there been any determinations whether two growers, with separate patients can each grow at the same address? Like in a co-op housing situation. With the allowed maximum of four patients per grower. -R "

Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 07:46 PM:
Susan from Eugene wrote:
"OCTA, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2010. A Statement from Paul Stanford on why the cannabis tax act will be upheld in a court of law. For more, Visit - http://www.crrh.org/octa/upheld.html

New office for OCTA 5220 NE Sandy Blvd Portland OR above Stanley Printing www.cannabistaxact.org/content/oregon-cannabis-tax-act-full-text, If you wanna get involved.

Circulator training this Saturday, February 27th, 10 am at campaign headquarters (5220 NE Sandy). We will be out collecting pledges every weekend starting then. If you can't make the training email Kyndall at (kyndall@democracyresources.com) and she will send you all the materials you need to get OCTA underway. We are in a unique position in Oregon to create laws that will end adult prohibition on marijuana and hemp. So Be There and help end adult prohibition on marijuana and hemp. Visit - http://www.crrh.org/

OCTA 2010 Frequently Asked Questions

I don't use cannabis, so why should I care?

We know prohibition doesn't work. Public money is being spent on enforcing laws that do not reflect the times. Violent offenders are being released from prison early to make room for non-violent, cannabis-related offenses. Through enacting the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA), the state will generate reliable annual income for education, health care and public safety (just to name few benefits) for all Oregonians.

OCTA is not just about state-sanctioned cannabis use. 90% of the funds generated through the sale of cannabis will go to the general fund, and the other 10% will go to drug education and treatment programs and industrial hemp promotion. Hemp will revolutionize our agricultural industry, job market and economy, with seemingly infinite potential to generate additional revenue as Oregon's new cash crop.

How much reliable, annual income can Oregon expect?

According to conservative estimates, state revenue will increase by at least $30 million, while other estimates place the revenue increase upward of $300 million*. In addition, Oregon will save over $61.5 million** Oregon will save by no longer enforcing out-of-date cannabis laws.

If cannabis use is a matter of personal freedom, why allow government regulation? An estimated 300,000 cannabis users reside in Oregon, in addition to the 23,000 registered medical marijuana cardholders***. In other words, 1/10 of Oregonians use cannabis that currently is controlled by the black market. OCTA will take the control out of the hands of the drug lords and into the hands of the people.

In addition, OCTA brings about government regulation regarding the sale and distribution of cannabis, not the growth and consumption. The law extends personal freedoms by giving people the choice to grow their own cannabis, as well as choosing who and where they purchase it.

What about children? OCTA stipulates that cannabis is only availabe to adults 21 years of age and older in state-sanctioned retail outlets. This will reduce the availability on cannabis of the streets and, therefore, to minors. A percentage of the revenue generated by OCTA goes to drug education programs in high schools, promoting responsible usage among legal adults.

* Estimates based upon revenue generated in California since the enactment of its Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

** Estimates based upon annual state law enforcement expenditures.

***Numbers taken from the 2000 United States Census.

Regulate Currently, the black market controls cannabis growth, sale and distribution, meaning anyone of any age can buy or sell it. Regulations puts Oregonians in control.

According to in-school survey data from 2007, 37.4% of eighth-graders, 69% of tenth-graders, and 83.9% of twelfth-graders report that cannabis is "easy to get." The regulation of the sale and distribution of cannabis will dramatically reduce those numbers.

According to the Oregon Healthy Teen Survey of 2007, cannabis use among Oregon teens has dropped 1/3 since the enactment of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act of 1998, showing that regulations works.

Reform Oregonians value personal freedom AND direct democracy. Hence, Oregon was the first state to consider, and subsequently pass, a Death with Dignity law. now, Oregon will be the first state to consider updating cannabis use laws to reflect the times.

Oregon spends $61.5 million on enforcing out-of-date cannabis laws, diverting policy energy away from violent and often repeat offenders.

Surveys conducted by the RAND Corps Public Safety and Justice in 2002, the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2006 and the National Research Council Committee for Data and Research for Policy on Illegal Drug in 2008 all conclude that cannabis is NOT a gateway drug: Of the 114,275,000 nationally reported cannabis users, only 2,685,000 (2%) went on to use cocaine and only 153000 (0.1%) went on to use heroin.

Revenue: Oregon's General Fund will receive between $30 million and $300 million annually, paying for education, health care, public safety and other publicly funded programs.

Industrial hemp has the power to revolutionize Oregon's ecology and economy through re-opening paper mills to produce hemp paper, creating clean fuel sources with hemp biodiesel and providing additional food sources with ground hemp protein. A 2000 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture states that Americans purchased 35,000 pounds of Canadian hemp in 1999, and that number has certainly grown with hemp's popularity during the past eleven years.

Oregon has a rich history of taxing vices: alcohol, gambling and tobacco. It's time that Oregon stopped enforcing out-of-date prohibition-style laws regarding cannabis and tap into the ecological and economical possibilities of cannabis and hemp. "

Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 10:31 AM:
somebody wrote:
"Find a Meetup Group near you, by Topic or interest and Country, City ... Meetup Groups - visit: http://www.meetup.com/find/? keywords=marijuana&country=us &locationPickerRef=0&dbCo=us& dbOutsideUsLink=&zip=&op=sear ch&resetgeo=true&style=&submi tButton=Search"

Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 11:29 PM:
Alumni from OMCU wrote:
" Oregon Medical Cannabis University got me growing fast. I would recommend them to EVERYONE. www.omcu.net"

Wednesday, November 4 at 07:47 AM:
Thomas from Eugene wrote:
"www.cannabiscompassion.org is a place to network with other likeminded OMMP cardholders. Cannabis Compassion is patients helping patients become self-sufficient because it's the only way to guarantee yourself of the medicine you need. We share clones and medicine freely so come grow with us. It's a very compassionate community that helps in every way. Come Grow With Us, visit - www.cannabiscompassion.org or www.freemygreen.com "

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